The fishery products marketing facility is established within the Preveza Industrial Area on a privately-owned property covering approximately 8,000sq.m. The area in which it is established comes under the administration of the Municipality of Preveza and lies northwest of the town of Preveza, at a distance of approximately 5 kilometres from the town.
Preveza Prefecture forms part of the Region of Epirus and occupies its south-western section. It covers an area of 1036 square kilometres. It borders on the prefectures of Ioannina and Thesprotia in the north and with Arta Prefecture in the east and south east. Its western part is washed upon by the Ionian Sea and its southern part by the Ambracian Gulf. It occupies 11.3% of the surface area of the Region of Epirus and 0.8% of the country. In terms of expanse, it is the smallest mainland prefecture in Greece.

Decision No ΔΑ/Φ.Π.93/οι998/22.9.2009, approving the environmental terms and conditions
Decision No ΔΑΦ14.691/645/πε/26.4.2010 issued by the Development Directorate, granting the company an operating licence
The facility currently holds all licenses and approvals required by the legislation in force.

Our facilities include a building of 1,802.60sq.m. on a plot of 8,010sq.m. Specifically, the building consists of:

  • An area for unpacking and repacking fishery products
  • An area for receiving products
  • An area for temporarily storing incoming fishery products
  • A packaging area
  • A deep freezer
  • A preservation area for packaged fishery products
  • A preservation area for frozen fishery products
  • An ice production area
  • A repair shopAncillary spaces
  • A machine room
  • A power distribution board
  • Changing rooms and bathrooms
  • A cleaning supplies storeroom
  • A cafeteria
  • A storeroom
  • A finished products exit
  • A retail area
  • Offices