Il Mondo engages in the distribution of Greek aquaculture products, which are distributed to all other markets in Europe and elsewhere via the Italian market, which is the primary recipient of Greek exports. Following the acquisition of its own premises in the Preveza Industrial Area, which include the necessary infrastructure for the marketing and distribution of aquaculture products, the company entered into an agreement for the provision of services with LPA GROUP SPA.

Under this agreement, LPA GROUP SPA, which has entered into agreements with aquaculture producers and companies that farm and produce fish products (Mediterranean species), has appointed D. SIOUTAS & CO. LTD to collect the quantities of fish products (packaged) from the suppliers/Greek aquaculture producers, to perform quality controls on the fish, to check the quantities and packaging, as well as the marking of the products, and subsequently to sort and group the LPA GROUP SPA orders based on quantity and type, and send them to customers abroad for the account of the latter. In addition to fresh products, the above process also applies to frozen products and products deriving from commercial fishing.