The limited liability company registered as D. SIOUTAS & CO. LTD and trading under the name IL MONDO LTD, was established under notarial deed No 31284/22.4.2003 drawn up by the notary public of Athens Eleni Hekimian-Panteleimonitou. The company’s registered offices are in the Municipality of Preveza and it has a duration of 20 years.
The company’s objective is to provide shipping services for fish and other marine and aquaculture products, as well as to market the above products in Greece and abroad. The shareholders of the company are Dimitrios Sioutas (father’s name: Nikolaos) and Raimondo Scauzillio, and the manager of the company throughout its duration is Dimitrios Sioutas. In 2010 the company’s articles of association were amended in terms of its objective.
In particular, the company’s objective is to provide shipping services for fish and other marine and aquaculture products, to market the above products in Greece and abroad, to produce and sell ice, to market packaged and unpackaged food, drinks, juices, soft drinks and water, to store and distribute goods and to lease cold storage facilities to third parties in order to take advantage of the opportunities that have arisen from the acquisition of facilities in the Preveza Industrial Area.

The company’s initial share capital amounted to €18,000 divided into 600 equity shares worth €30 each. Of the total number of 600 equity shares, 360 were held by Dimitrios Sioutas and 240 by Raimondo Scauzillio.
In May 2009 there was a share capital increase of €315,000 in order to cover recent company expenses related to the allocation of property in the Preveza Industrial Area. The increase was made through the partners’ cash contributions, thus increasing the company’s share capital to €333,000 divided into 11,100 equity shares with a nominal value of €30 each. Dimitrios Sioutas holds 60% of the equity shares and Raimondo Scauzillio holds 40% thereof. The company’s share capital currently amounts to €330,000.

The company was established by Dimitrios Sioutas (father’s name: Nikolaos), an ichthyologist with extensive experience in the field of aquaculture in Greece, and especially in the production, farming, packaging and distribution of domestic fishery products deriving mainly from aquaculture activities.

Raimondo Scauzillio, an Italian who lives and works in Italy and is experienced in the distribution and marketing of fishery products. He has been engaged in the distribution of Greek aquaculture products, which are distributed to all other markets in Europe and elsewhere via the Italian market, which is the primary recipient of Greek aquaculture product exports. The company employs a total of 13 people (manual workers, administration staff, distribution staff – sales staff and drivers). The company’s turnover for 2011 was 1 290 447.39 Euro, while for 2012 it reached 2 151 250.47 Euro and in 2013 it rose to 4 222 358.76.