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Fresh aquaculture products arrive at our facilities in polystyrene foam packages from all over Greece. Many of the fishery products coming from the wider area of Western Greece (Ambracian Gulf, Aitoloakarnania, Thesprotia) are transported to our facilities in the refrigerator trucks owned by D. SIOUTAS & CO. LTD.

The same process is followed when it comes to fishery products deriving from commercial fishing, in which case – after making arrangements with the fishers and fish wharfs in Greece (Nea Michaniona, Keratsini) – the fresh products are collected, grouped and shipped in accordance with the specifications of each order.



The frozen or fresh products coming from abroad and intended either to be distributed for the account of LPA GROUP SPA or to be marketed for the account of D. SIOUTAS & CO. LTD, are transported by wholesalers on loading pallets and then – depending on the type of order – sorted and repacked on pallets in order to be sent to customers.