D. SIOUTAS & CO. LTD was founded in Preveza in 2003 by Dimitris Sioutas and Raimondo Scauzillo. The objective of the company was to provide shipping services for fresh fish and other marine and aquaculture products, and to market these products in Greece and abroad. From the time of its establishment until early 2009 the company operated from leased facilities in the wider Preveza region. In February 2009 the company acquired its own facilities in the Preveza Industrial Area comprising a building plot of approximately 8,000sq.m and a building covering 1,600sq.m. After D. SIOUTAS & CO. LTD had gained ownership of the property, the company implemented works to modernize and mainly improve the premises so as to create the necessary infrastructure for the shipment and marketing of fishery products to the appropriate points, as required by the relevant legislation. While carrying out the improvement and modernization works on the facilities, the company added two more areas by extending the ground-floor building and adding a shed and materials storage area.

Together with the above, the company applied for licensees to package and market fishery products, and it currently holds all the relevant licenses.

In addition, the present investment plan makes provision for the creation – within the shipping and marketing facilities – of a retail outlet. Through the creation of this retail outlet, which will mainly sell fresh and frozen fish/fishery products, consumers will have direct access to and will be encouraged to consume fishery products.




Lastly, it should be mentioned that the 8,000 sq. m. also include shellfish depuration tanks. To date, the company has not carried out this activity and the present investment plan does not make any provision whatsoever for any actions related to this facility and activity.

Finally, we should mention that there is an independent 600 sq m building within the 8 acre area which provides space to house tanks for decontamination of lobsters and live fish. Up until now the company has not been involved in this activity and the current investment plan does not foresee any action whatsoever in connection with this instalment and this business activity.